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Changing my vote


For the last while, I've supported McCain as my preferred presidential candidate for 2008. However, he seems to be squirming a bit in order to get in tighter with some of the Republican base. That bothers me. There are several "2nd" tier candidates who aren't as popular as the 1st tier (Giuliani,McCain,Romney), and I haven't paid much attention to them. Until now.One of them is Sam Brownback, a Kansas Senator. I'm going to be giving him some more thought as I find out more about him. He seems to have similar immigration goals as I do, according to his voting record. Brownback and I also seem to share views on evolution, per his Op-Ed piece in the NY Times today. Basically, he allows both faith and reason/science into the equation, believing in microevolution, but not the idea that humans randomly evolved with no divine input.

Temple progress

Time for my monthly-ish update on the Draper Temple construction. If some of you are wondering why I'm obsessed with it, it's because it's practically right outside my living room window and is what everybody comments on when they come over.Anyway, here's the pic as of a couple days ago. They haven't really done any cement work, but have moved on to steel framing and internal metalwork, stairs, ducts, etc:

May 23, 2007:

"Rational" immigration


I've been quietly passionate about the whole immigration issue for the past few years. I commented on it over two years ago in my old blog here. In the second comment, you'll see how I praised a points or merit-based program for immigrants to achieve citizen status. It appears that the Senate and Bush Administration have come to the same conclusion of merit-based immigration.This is good news in my opinion. I find the extreme hard-line approach by the Republican majority to kick out all illegal immigrants to be an unreasonable and inhumane approach. I also disagree that giving those immigrants a path to citizenship is amnesty. They still need to earn their way to legitimacy, but it's a path where progress can be made. I feel we need to make it easier to come legally, harder to come illegally and more necessary to have immigrants become "Americans" as opposed to their own small country in America. Giving them a path to achieve citizenship and setting requirements to help them become Americans is the right way. I hope this bill passes.

Stop paging

I've mentioned before the annoyance and "conspiracy" of long voice mail intros/headers on cell phones. Part of the message is to leave a page or "callback" for the person. Thing is, who even does that? I may have used it once, mostly curious about what it was. Everyone's got call history on their phone now and you can send a text message if you want to provide more information.Well, do you know that you can disable it? This was forwarded to me and while the steps may slightly differ, it shouldn't be hard to figure out how to disable paging. So do the world a favor and shorten the never-ending lecture requisite to just leaving a quick message:Go into your voice mail as though you are checking messages. When you get your main menu options, press 4, then 2, then 7, then 2.

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