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Life is short...

I read this quote in an article on hunting Polar Bears in the NY TImes today and immediately liked it.

"Life is short...The last check you write should be to the undertaker, and it should bounce."
By the way, I'm not advocating hunting Polar Bears, but this concept is something that hit me several years ago. I lived much of my life with no life, focused school and work. It wasn't until I had graduated from college several years ago that I started to do things like biking and scuba diving. I've also been very fiscally conservative (some might say cheap or something worse ;)), and finally decided that saving money was good - but for what? Sure I wanted a house, but I learned that sometimes you need to enjoy life. Of course I still insist on fiscal responsibility and living below your means, but it's ok to spend some money once in a while if you have it.

A beautiful monster

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I'd like one please.Heather would be proud.

Bad Router! Bad!

You can see that the website is back. It was really only down for maybe an hour or so if you were inside my firewall. For better or for worse, most of you aren't :). I spent most of yesterday trying to battle the new Linksys 2700HG DSL router Qwest gave us. It has some nice features and but lacks some dead-obvious ones as well, relying on its intelligence (sounds eerily like Microsoft). For instance, while there are lots of choices and security settings, there is no obvious way to view any logs. It was only after some searching today, after all the work yesterday, that I was informed there is an unlinked-to URL on the router you can type in that gives you a few more settings (like logging functionality), though still not everything I needed. Qwest phone support was pretty much no help and once the guy found out I had Linux boxes running he kept saying "we don't support Linux" irregardless of the fact that it was problems on the router, not the servers. Basically, the router refused to see one of the machines behind it, only looking for it's old IP address. I did some kluge-y things such as telling the box (which has a static IP) to force-grab a dhcp address and then change it, and that eventually worked. Next time let me have access to the functionalities that should be obvious, please.


What is this, the third time I'm announcing servers are going down? Well they are because DNS has finally been changed. Hope you don't see much of an interruption.

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