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Life 2.0

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I can't believe how long it's been since I last posted. You'd think I'd have found time. Actually, although I've been unemployed, I feel a lot has happened. Enough, in fact, to say I'm making significant changes in my life.

I'm moving to the Monterey, California area.

I'll be a father in about 4 months.

How's that for a little change? I have a feeling it's going to be a hectic next two or three months. To begin with, I start a new job on Tuesday, although I've already been doing an enormous amount of paper work for it. The job is with SAIC, working at FNMOC. SAIC is a large contractor - one of those ginormous companies you've never heard of. FNMOC is a US Navy site and stands for Fleet Numeric Meteorology and Oceanography Center. They provide weather and other data for the US armed forces. When I worked at Linux Networx, I did a fair amount of work with some super computers at FNMOC and have a good relationship with the folks there. When they heard I was available, we started to talk and things eventually worked out (after some hoops to jump through). As you probably gathered, I will be relocating from Utah and will be seeking to sell my Utah house in order to buy a house down there, renting a small apartment in the mean time. It will be an adventure methinks, but one that I hope to enjoy. Plus, it's pretty much idyllic out there in the Monterey Bay area. As long as I don't think about selling my house here, I'm excited :).

On the baby front (and yes, I know I'm a little late to the game, but I don't care), my wife is around 5 months along and, if you haven't followed her Facebook updates, it's a boy.  I think I'm pretty much in denial over how much my life will change and how much patience I'll be forced to develop, but I'm excited about this too.

So, anyway, wish me luck in the move and all the house stuff.

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