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MTV Music

Not many people associate MTV with any actual music. It's kind of a shame - I remember way back in the day when they played music video after music video. Well, whether you like A-ha, the Metallica Black Album or Britney Spears, you can see many of those long-lost videos again thanks MTV's new MTV Music web site.

Warning: this could be a serious time waster as you catch up on the 80's.

Jack's Mannequin

Strangely enough, I was one of the first five callers on a little contest on a local radio show and ended up winning a new CD: The Glass Passenger by Jack's Mannequin. One review classified it as "piano rock."

I first heard a couple songs on my way from the studio back to my work and immediately liked some of the songs, which is a little strange because it usually takes a few repetitions. When I got back to work, I loaded the CD into my iTunes and have now listened to it a few times.

Basically, I like it. I'm going to keep listening to it to get more familiarized with the songs, but some of the songs I'm liking are:

  • Crashin
  • Spinning
  • Swim
  • The Resolution
  • Suicide Blonde (Not an INXS cover)

As an added bonus, there aren't that I don't like yet.

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