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Minor updates

Those of you out there using Opera or IE may see a small improvement in the main page of my site. I always use Firefox or Netscape and didn't see that in those other two browsers, the entries and sidebar didn't mesh together. Now they should. After a little debugging, I realized some tables for the entry dates were being translated as much longer than intentioned. I find it odd that standards such as HTML are interpreted so differently.Also, I still haven't moved the servers. I've been traveling a lot recently and haven't gotten around to it. However, it could happen any day now.

I've Moved

Well, last Monday I closed on a new house. I started the process of buying/building it a year ago, so I'm happy to have it finished. That happiness is only dimmed by the fact that it will suck over half my income each month - so I'm poor again. Oh, and I'm not excited about the moving process. That said, I have most of my stuff moved. There's just a _ton_ to do though, moving in a furnishing a new house.At any rate, part of that ton is to move the servers. So, the web server will go down for a day or three here pretty soon I think. Also I'm traveling much of the next three weeks, so if something happens to the servers, response time might be slow. But please bear with me. Thanks.

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