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LNXI is dead


It has been a long journey for them and I put a quarter of my life into the company, but Linux Networx (LNXI) is dead. They were basically shut down and had their assets purchased by SGI at the same time. I'm kinda sad for the company but more so for some of my friends there who are now out of jobs or whose visa applications this threatens. I'm really hoping things work out.



It just keeps coming. Northern Utah got pounded last night, but some places were certainly worse than others. In fact, north of a point called "The Point of the Mountain" which separates Salt Lake and Utah counties, things weren't too bad. I went and picked up a friend and then headed down to Provo (in Utah County). I didn't get too far. In about 10 minutes the freeway had turned into a parking lot due to two jackknifed semis. So I took some side roads, which again, I didn't think were all that bad, until I got to SR92, a highway just on the other side of the Point. There I encountered winds blowing snow at 60-70 mph. Not realizing the highway had been closed, I started driving along with near-zero visibility, just trying to watch the lights in front of me. I had no idea where on the road I was and when I finally turned around due to an impass, I found myself on the left side of the road instead of the right with my front end off the road in deep snow. With the help of another good samaritan, I was able to push the car out and go back home (very slowly), dodging cars (including some very expensive ones) that had just been abandoned. It was seriously crazy. KSL has some coverage of it here, mentioning the busses full of kids that were stranded on the same highway where I was.

More snow!

I wrote a few days ago about how I've gotten a lot of snow at my place this winter. Well, it just keeps coming. I now have snow banks over 6' tall by my driveway and walkway to my house. The flat base of my front yard is around 3.5'-4'. I know this would be normal for some places in the states, and I've seen it at ski resorts, but I've never seen this much snow at once at any place I've lived. Here a couple other pics from yesterday, though we got a few more inches last night. As a reference, I'm about 6' 4" in these shoes. It's crazy!

Geography game

I like getting outside of the US and experiencing other cultures. And since I was quite young, I've been into geography. I've always enjoyed maps and knowing where things are. Fortunately, I've been able to take many opportunities to see and experience many other cultures, both with work and pleasure. In that spirit, I present you with a geography game I found. It gets hard toward the end, but I found it enjoyable. See what you get. On my first try after Level 10 I got 396,476.

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