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Network problems

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So, over the last couple months, and especially the last few days, access to my site has been spotty. I apologize for that and I think I can proudly say (crossing my fingers) that it's mostly fixed. The small network I help run has grown and several subnets were trying to run on the same network and trying to go through the same router. In short, it was a little bit of an electronic packet rats' nest. I've also been out of town the past week and a power outage took everything out. I finally took a little time this afternoon and got vlans setup and subnets isolated and I think things are happy for the meantime. I still need to get a UPS put in, but hopefully the network is solid now.

Movie Reviews


Friday was kind of a movie day for me, so I thought I'd write something up. I started out with Bourne Ultimatum at 12:01 AM and then Ratatouille that evening - though I was seriously thinking about watching Bourne Ultimatum again.Bourne Ultimatum is great. It has a great story line, tying up a lot of things, with constant excellent action sequences. I love Matt Damon's methodical and unemotional character. He doesn't laugh but he doesn't pout or get dramatical. He just does what he does best. There was only one significant thing I didn't like and one small thing. The big thing is the shaky camera action. It's the same in Bourne Supremacy and I didn't care for it then; I still don't. Some do like it, but I find it harder to understand what's happening in an action sequence. The small thing I mentioned is that there seemed to me to be a lot of faces to try to keep straight. Of course, it could just mean that it was 2 in the morning and I was tired, so I won't weigh it heavily. Given my distaste for the camera action (I'd rather keep the director from Bourne Identity), I would give the movie an A-. Ratatouille was also very good, though very different. I was pleasantly surprised at how entertaining it was. In addition, there was a pre-movie animated Pixar short called Lifted that was very charming. The movie itself had plenty of charm as well, in addition to plenty of humor and plot, assuming you don't get hung up on things like rats being able to understand English but not being able to speak it. Since I can't think of anyway to make this one better, I think I'd have to give this an A.


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So there's a girl named Morgan Webb who has is popular in the geek community who has started her own video site for news updates called WebbAlert. It's very well done, and to put it gently, she's easy to watch - has great screen presence. Anyway, it looks interesting enough to watch continuously (it's a daily 5 min snapshot). There's a little review here at TechCrunch. And here is the first episode:

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