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Human Tetris

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Nothing serious, just some live Japanese human Tetris entertainment


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I just found a cool new utility after reading this article at Anchordesk. It's called nuTsie, an anagram of iTunes, if you didn't catch it. nuTsie allows you to upload your iTunes database (just the XML file, not the songs themselves) to their server and after you install a little (~190K) program on your cell phone, you get to play them. The program is in beta and there are rumors of legal violations with Apple, but it's pretty darn cool. I have my cell phone with me everywhere, but never use it's speaker, which is actually a decent speaker.The phone I currently have (after my nice Cingular 8125 was lost and stolen), is a Nokia E62. It's got some things I like and dislike, and it's really slow, but nuTsie installed easily and is very cool. The only problem I had was that you couldn't hear any of the music. Oh, I guess that's a big problem. And yes, my volume was all the way up. It turns out, you have to enable "Warning tones" in your phone's current profile. After experimenting with different settings and some embarrassment as my phone started blurting out music at full volume, I figured it out. Now it's a handy media player, always with me.

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