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2008 ticket


This will probably seem really random, but I think I'd like to see a McCain-Romney presidential campaign ticket for 2008. Who do you want?

New Tires


On Saturday, I went and bought a new set of tires. I haven't had them for long now, but have been relatively happy with them in the few tests I've put them through. I just noticed that Goodyear (who's probably a little biased) also gave them good marks in most categories. Mine are the Assurance model at the top.I bought them at Discount Tire, who I've patronized for years and who I generally trust. I also visited Les Scwab (who I've used also), but decided on Discount, partly because I had a coupon for $50 off. But anyway, I was looking for a passenger all-season tire. There is a special Michelin model that came with my car, but replacements were fairly expensive ($179/tire). Since I need traction in snow and ice, as well as on dry pavement at high speeds :), this Assurance was the recommendation (at $117/tire). I was also told they were pretty quiet, which mattered to me.Well, my first experience, driving home, was pleasant as the tires were pretty quiet, solid and comfortable. The roads were a little wet, but there was no problem with traction (didn't expect there to be). Over the weekend, I found some dry pavement with corners, and took that as an invitation to corner at relatively high speeds. My previous set of tires (worn down and needing replacement), would squeal and I was happy to hear nothing as I cornered. There was also no slippage or fishtailing (note that I don't have a performance car, so this isn't an extreme test). Then today I was happy to wake up to snow and slush, taking it as my next road-test invitation. I tried some quick cornering as well as hard stopping. Again, there was no slippage, with the understandable exception of my anti-lock brakes engaging. The tires held fast. The only ding I'd give them is that as I traveled on the freeway for a while yesterday, they were a little noiser than I had hoped for. Not too bad, but I'd like them to be quieter. It looks like Goodyear admits that as well. However, I do get a $40 cash card from Goodyear and, mixed with the $50 back from Discount, isn't too bad of a deal. The biggest noise maker on my car is still my roof-rack (for my bike), so if I take that off for the winter, I think I'll be happy on noise as well. Also, as we start to get real snow and ice, I'll be able to really test their traction.

Upgrading FC5 to FC6

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I wrote most of this post a couple weeks ago, but went out of town before I could test anything, so here it is after I've booted into it.After stumbling my way through a previous upgrade from FC4 to FC5, documented here, I figured it'd be a little slicker this time. Here's what I did and issues I ran into:

  1. Upgrade Fedora release package (it complains if I don't install release notes also):
    rpm -Uvh fedora-release-6-4.noarch.rpm  fedora-release-notes-6-3.noarch.rpm

  2. Get all the new packages (which may take hours):
    yum -y upgrade

  3. Reboot

It was pretty much that easy, except now that I've rebooted, my mouse won't work properly. It is slow, jerky and doesn't always follow the direction I'm going. It happens this way in both X and in GPM. I can't run "setup -> mouse" or "system-config-mouse" because it appears the rhpl mouse module is no longer included and those tools won't run without it. I filed an entry at but as I haven't seen any similar problems around the Internet, I'm not confident. Wish me luck or omniscience.

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