Un Cachito de la vida

Un Cachito

Un Cachito de la vida - A little piece of Cameron's life

I read this quote in an article on hunting Polar Bears in the NY TImes today and immediately liked it.

"Life is short...The last check you write should be to the undertaker, and it should bounce."
By the way, I'm not advocating hunting Polar Bears, but this concept is something that hit me several years ago. I lived much of my life with no life, focused school and work. It wasn't until I had graduated from college several years ago that I started to do things like biking and scuba diving. I've also been very fiscally conservative (some might say cheap or something worse ;)), and finally decided that saving money was good - but for what? Sure I wanted a house, but I learned that sometimes you need to enjoy life. Of course I still insist on fiscal responsibility and living below your means, but it's ok to spend some money once in a while if you have it.

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