Un Cachito de la vida


As many of you know a FAQ is a list of Frequently Asked Questions, along with answers. So here goes...

  1. Ok, so I know what a FAQ is (I mean, who doesn't?), but what the heck is an iFAQ?

    In-Frequently Asked Questions. Any geeky marketing word nowadays must start with the gimicky i or e and it just so happens that the word infrequently starts with an i. Together with FAQ, it makes a convenient iFAQ.

  2. What does Cachito mean?
  3. As you may have gathered when you read the subtitle of the blog, it is Spanish for a little bit or something like that.

  4. Why Cachito?
  5. As the Major would say,

    Mebbe I like [it]. Mebbe, I like [it] a lot.

    I think it's a cool word. OK?

  6. Where did that name come from?
  7. I got it from a song by Mexican rock group Maná off their album entitled Dondé Jugarán los Niños. The song is aptly named Cachito and like most of the songs on the album, I like it quite a bit.

  8. This is America buddy. We speak English here. You're gonna be posting everything in English, right?
  9. Umm, how about maybe? Let's make a deal; you convince me there are no fine-looking Spanish/Latina girls and I won't do any Spanish. Deal?

  10. What's that picture up above and what does it have to do with Cachito?
  11. The picture is a panoramic shot I took of Crater Lake when I was there a couple years ago (May 2003 I think); The place is beautiful. Now, what does this have to do with my site theme? Not much, but you could say that part of my life is about my travels and interest in the outdoors.