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Un Cachito de la vida - A little piece of Cameron's life

I like my privacy. There are Libertarian portions in me that don't want the Feds poking their heads around everywhere. I do understand the need for government and am appreciative of the relatively stable system we have in the U.S. However I wonder at times if they go too far on things. Where's the line between civil liberties and a police state in the name of eradicating evil, specifically the sickening evils of child pornography and terrorism? Believe me, I would love for the world to be completely rid of these terrible practices, but I don't think Big Brother watching everything I do is the answer. I'm sorry if I'm sounding paranoid; I don't think I am, but I'm disturbed by this news that the government now wants Internet providers to keep track of which users visit which sites. I know much of this data is already captured, though not for extended amounts of time and is not released to the government. Plus you often have "cookies" on your computer that leave a trail of where you've been.Not too long ago there was a disturbance when Google fought to not release records of which sites were being visited. The user wasn't tracked, and I was willing to let the government see that info (not that my opinion matters). Now they've gone the proverbial next step and want user info also. I'm sure some of the info will help them capture some that need to be locked up, but at what expense? My personal response to this would be "No, we live in a free country where this monitoring isn't appropriate." Even though the supposed reasons are good, I don't think it warrants the squashing of certain freedoms. Plus, you can always ask "What's next?"

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