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If it seems like a post about McCain is out of date, it's because I have procrastinated writing this for so long. Sorry. I'd still like to give some of my thoughts about him.

Way back in November of 2006, I posted that I wanted to see a McCain-Romney ticket. It's interesting how close it came to being a reality. I think a lot of people think having a business man (Romney) in the White House during this financial crisis would be a good thing. But alas, it's not to be. But, keeping in line with my wish way back in '06, I supported McCain both in the primary and the general elections. In fact, I was one of the very small 5% of Utahns who voted for McCain in the primaries (some 90% voted for Romney, who I felt had become disingenuous). I liked McCain's more moderate positions: his willingness to be bipartisan in order to actually get things done; his immigration policies; his support for the surge while condemning the way the Iraq war had so far been run. His military service also demands respect, even though he apparently does talk like a sailor. He's not the most charismatic or eloquent guy and I can't say I ever really liked McCain the person, but I liked his policies and voted accordingly.

You also might be interested to know however, that as the campaign wore on, I became increasingly frustrated with McCain and was very near the point of not caring if he lost. The main reason? His negative campaign. McCain had a reputation of talking straight and being above the fray. Yet he allowed his campaign managers to plan the direction of his campaign and constantly attack Obama on things that were pretty much lies. Obama wasn't completely innocent either, but McCain was the worst offender. That's not cool and it's not the McCain that started out running in the campaign.

I also have to say that I wasn't all that enamored with Palin. I'll admit that at first it seemed like an exciting pick - a fresh face. However, as the campaign wore on and it became clear how little she knew of the world - such as the fact that she had just barely obtained a passport - I became disenchanted. I was also somewhat put off by the fact that she seemed to have been chosen to capture the evangelical right. I felt at times like they are treated as the the only ones who matter to the GOP, and as such, they've accumulated a lot of power. I was looking forward to a McCain that was more centric - that wasn't beholden to them.

It was sad to see McCain's image slide down so far from the summer. I hope now that he's back to being Senator McCain, he can go back to the old bipartisan, get-things-done guy that he was before. For now, I'm cautiously optimistic about Obama - my next subject.
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