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October 17, 2005

Blog v. 2.0b

Well, my new blog is most of the way there, but it's officially in beta. And guess what? You, my friends, are the hopeful beta testers. Play around, let me know what you think or what I should change. The new blog is called Un Cachito and has a bit fresher look I think. The major things I still need to do are a picture gallery and a calendar, but those will eventually come.The blog will basically deal with whatever I feel like posting, but I think the entries will lean towards personal goings-on in my life, from my pathetic garden to my travels and more. Espero que les caiga bien!

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October 5, 2005

My confession

Sorry for being so silent. Sure I've been busy, but I have a confession to make. I'm tired of politics, and tired of feeling guilty about not blogging whenever something happens (Yes, I do feel guilty). Of course, I still have my political views and opinions, and I still read various news sites as though the secret of life were found therein, but I'm not really interested in keeping up this blog. I've decided arguing politics is a good way to raise peoples' blood pressure without accomplishing much. I associate frequently with some liberals and have decided they believe what they want to, and I as well. No use making a big deal out of it.However, I don't want to ditch my website. I am interested in keeping an online log/journal, but with a big "but," which is that I don't necessarily want it public, because I might put some personal things up. Kind of a problem I'd say. Maybe I'll just start a new blog anyway and let people stumble upon it.So I don't know. Any suggestions for me? Shall I simply take my bow and exit the blogosphere?

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September 9, 2005

Bureaucracy vs. Emergency

I found an article in the NY Times today that seems to give a pretty good and impartial review of what the Federal Government was going through at the onset of the Katrina emergency, namely previous laws and state rights. In the case of Louisiana, Governor Blanco there is the one who had the authority and responsibility to dispatch National Guard troops. The president can only send in active troops by invoking the Insurrection Act and basically overriding the Governor's power. Since the governor wouldn't go for this, the feds tried to negotiate partial control between the state and feds over the troops, but the feds were denied again. While troops were ultimately sent in, Washington basically had its hands tied. So, the questions remain of why didn't the governor of La. respond sooner and send National Guard soldiers, and why isn't it easier in times of disaster to dispatch active military to help with the emergency?

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September 3, 2005

The aftermath

I've refrained from posting much about Hurricane Katrina because, 1) I think everyone with an Internet connection already knows the details, and 2) I haven't had much more to add. However, I was sent an excellent article today from my friend Greg about how to handle the aftermath and specifically the triage. The article is here, via MSNBC.I sent in a letter-to-the-editor to the NY Times yesterday with some similar points, but judging by the fact that all the printed letters seem to side with the Times, mine won't be published. Basically, I question why they blame Bush, if anyone, and not the deplorable gangs and looters. If I've heard correctly, they have carried out multiple murders and rapes of little girls. That kind of behavior in mind deserves a zero-tolerance policy, as stated by Bush. Back to the blame game, however; again, I ask why the Federal Government is to blame? They didn't build New Orleans a few feet below a massive lake next door. Why doesn't the city have responsibility to take care of its own, or the state?Anyway, blame aside, I want to state heartfelt sympathy for the many innocents affected by the storm. I would encourage those of you who can to donate to a reputable charity.

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August 24, 2005


Everybody who receives news has undoubtedly read or heard numerous reports on the terrible casualties suffered by the Allied soldiers in Iraq. I found the following article over at Powerline, written by John Hinderaker, to be very well written in regards to the state of American casualties in Iraq.While no civil person enjoys hearing about their deaths, it is a reminder that the soldiers live a dangerous life in any arena, and thus deserve our praise and respect.

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