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September 3, 2005

I've refrained from posting much about Hurricane Katrina because, 1) I think everyone with an Internet connection already knows the details, and 2) I haven't had much more to add. However, I was sent an excellent article today from my friend Greg about how to handle the aftermath and specifically the triage. The article is here, via MSNBC.I sent in a letter-to-the-editor to the NY Times yesterday with some similar points, but judging by the fact that all the printed letters seem to side with the Times, mine won't be published. Basically, I question why they blame Bush, if anyone, and not the deplorable gangs and looters. If I've heard correctly, they have carried out multiple murders and rapes of little girls. That kind of behavior in mind deserves a zero-tolerance policy, as stated by Bush. Back to the blame game, however; again, I ask why the Federal Government is to blame? They didn't build New Orleans a few feet below a massive lake next door. Why doesn't the city have responsibility to take care of its own, or the state?Anyway, blame aside, I want to state heartfelt sympathy for the many innocents affected by the storm. I would encourage those of you who can to donate to a reputable charity.

Posted by charr at 11:19 AM
Reader Comments

I don't understand the Bush blame game either. Bush is certainly not the first president to be in office since New Orleans' construction. Yet I see no one blaming Jimmy Carter or Richard Nixon or JFK or Ronald Reagan or any of the other many presidents who have been in office.Thanks for the link to the Salvation Army on my blog. I've struggled with giving to the Red Cross, too.

Posted by Jan at September 5, 2005 8:02 PM

Here's another article from the NY Times about how the local leaders should have been "coldly effective."

Posted by Cameron at September 6, 2005 6:31 PM

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