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July 24, 2005

While the casualties inflicted July 7 on London commuters were horrible, unjust, and tragic, I'm happy they weren't worse. I've also been impressed with the way the Londoners handled the events. They moved on. John Tierney wrote a nice Op-Ed in the NY Times on this fact and it is reprinted here in the Deccan Herald. I'm not much of a worrier. I don't like over-reacting. I typically don't like the way America has hampered convenience and privacy in response to the Sept. 11 attacks. I realize I'm probably different from most here and I realize the government basically needs to defend itself, but I think the likelihood of another attack is remote enough that the hassle isn't merited. You can't prevent everything, especially a terrorist with no regard for life, even his or her own. Sometimes bad things -- at times really bad things -- happen. You pick up and move on. I hate cliches, but maybe the terrorists won in some ways in the U.S. They've altered aspects of our lives in the name of terror.While I'm at it, I'll mention the latest inconvenience to many in the U.S. due to the latest London attacks: subway searches in New York. This article questions the legality of the searches, and I'd be on their side. The subway is supposed to be a quick means to arrive at a destination -- where the main hassle is finding your MetroCard, swiping it, and running to the train that's about to leave. While I agree these new bag searches are much different from soldiers invading ones' house in the 1770's, I would argue they're an over-reaction and invasion of privacy.But again, kudos to the British for their resolve. They got hit again a few days ago, with fortunately no fatalities. I hope the police can take care of the immediate terrorists and the citizens can go on with their ordinary lives.

Posted by charr at 9:53 AM
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