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July 23, 2005

Nearly a month ago, President Bush spoke to the soldiers at Fort Bragg and his speech, found here at Fox News hits several current points of discussion. One of those is whether the sacrifice in Iraq is worth it? I personally think it is. As of this writing, there have been close to 1800 US military deaths. That's a lot of soldiers who've paid the ultimate price for their country. That's also why I'm extremely grateful for their sacrifice for freedom. Thankfully, the numbers are much smaller than in other major wars, but their sacrifice deserves recognition - along with the fact that freedom isn't free.Bush also defends the point that it's worth it. As he mentions, the progress has been uneven (I would say very), but fighting a guerilla enemy with no regard to innocent life (especially Muslims) is not an easy task. It's a tough and painstaking task - even Japan and Germany weren't rebuilt in a couple yearsSome points I think are mentionable from Bush's speech are:

  • The terrorists can kill the innocent — but they cannot stop the advance of freedom.
  • We must defeat the terrorists before they attack us at home (again).
  • We all want the troops home, but we can't set a timetable and let the terrorists wait us out.

Posted by charr at 5:46 PM
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