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July 30, 2005

I pretty much never read Bob Herbert's columns in the NY Times. He generally takes views I don't agree with, but for some reason, one caught my eye. I've linked to it here, where it's reprinted at KRightsRadio!. It's called Dad's Empty Chair and stresses the need for a father in the home. The column is specifically in response to the tragic and fatal stabbing of Christopher Rose on Jul 02 over his iPod, and more generally adresses the flight of fathers, black ones, from the homes. Christopher's father had feared for the safety of his son in Brooklyn and had therefore moved him to Pa. with him. The boy was back in Brooklyn visiting for the weekend of the 4th and never returned. Of course, the problem goes beyond any racial distinction, but is very prevalent in urban areas, as I witnessed when living in Brooklyn.My beliefs are that both a mother and a father are necessary. Herbert agrees. And I won't presume that someone can't grow up sans a parent and be normal, but each home should contain both. Herbert makes the point that most of the kids getting in trouble do not have both active parents in the home. Sadly, this the same trend I saw as well and I fear the family is only being further torn apart through immorality, drugs, and other vices.

Posted by charr at 5:50 PM
Reader Comments

Immorality, drugs, and other vices are not helping things, but I think the family is primarily weakened by a societal shift towards individualism, self-centeredness, and materialism. There's a lack of commitment to the family unit, a drive to seek happiness outside of the family, and a drive to live at a standard of living that requires both parents to work outside the home.

Posted by Levi at August 1, 2005 2:31 AM

I find all of the above to be true Levi - I was just mentioning some factors out of many. I find the culture now-a-days is irresponsible, take-care-of-yourself-first, and unwilling to put forth the work necessary for a successful family.

Posted by Cameron at August 1, 2005 3:10 PM

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