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November 5, 2003

You may recall from my fire entry a little story about a friend of mine who was about to lose her house in the San Bernardino mountains. She wrote me again last night with good news. I think it's a happy ending to a otherwise tragic story:

"...My family is amazing, they were evacuated early on Sunday before last and were living at my aunt's house in Yucaipa. My dad was forced to stay on the mountain and take care of other things, since he's general manager of Arrowbear fire and water districts he was called to be the acting fire chief this last week. Needless to say he didn't get much sleep all week from sleeping on cots and running all over the mountain shutting people's water off. But he's an amazing man that I'm very proud of. When he heard that the emergency vehicles didn't have enough fuel, he went to our house and got all our cars over to the our car wash and told the emergency guys to syphen them for gas so they could fight the fire. He also was going to watch our home burn to save my little town of Running Springs. And then the miracle came from excellent firefighting and the rain, as the fire closed in on our house and town my dad told my mom that the whole place would be leveled in about an hour. Well the blessings were given as the clouds rolled in and it started to rain and snow. Which it has been doing ever since. No structures have been lost in my little town including my house. Which is a huge blessing. Unfortunately many thousands have been since displaced. Which is a huge loss. I'm not going to recognize my home when I go home. Whole cities have been leveled. I can't tell you how weird it's been to watch the news and see my high school and small town all over the headlines. But the blessings have come because of incredible fire fighters and rain..."

Posted by charr at 9:39 AM
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