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June 4, 2003

Thomas Friedman has an Op-Ed article in the NY Times today about what he states are the real reasons for Gulf War II. I'd have to agree with him. He mentions four reasons that were involved:

  • The real reason
  • The right reason
  • The moral reason
  • The stated reason
I'm not at all surprised about all the attention that is buzzing around about the lack of finding weapons of mass destruction in Iraq. While I trusted Bush, I knew if he didn't find any, he'd have a lot to answer for. It's still quite possible things will be found. They've already found 2 trailers that were supposedly mobile bioweapons labs, but to appease the critics, they'll need more. There's a CIA investigation going on currently about the pre-war evidence and while I'll be quite disappointed if it turns out to be false evidence, I'll still agree with Friedman that there were just/moral reasons for the war.

Posted by charr at 8:25 AM
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