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Un Cachito de la vida - A little piece of Cameron's life

415. That's how many days it's been since my last post. Since the home page on my web browsers on numerous computers is my blog, I see my delinquency constantly. I was going to make a new post on my 1-yr anniversary, but the place where my server was being hosted was having lots of power problems and the server was unavailable. A lot has happened to me in the last year, but I guess Facebook provides a medium with which to share enough information that I'm left with no desire to write a blog post. I think others are the same. I've also been quite busy and never seem to have enough time. I constantly think things will get less busy in another week or so, but they never do.

My son, Spencer, is nearly 10 months old now and is a very handsome redhead. The problem is, he won't sleep much - a trait he probably got from me. And when he doesn't sleep, his parents don't sleep, so I find myself in a perpetual state of grogginess. I've noticed my sleep deprivation in my hollow eyes, my resistance to laughing at others' jokes and in my making lots of little errors in different tasks. I naively thought he'd be sleeping through the night long before now, but I guess every kid's different.

As mentioned in my last post, I work in Monterey, Ca., a place which constantly reminds me of its beauty. It's a lot cooler than I thought it'd be, with highs hovering in the upper 50's to lower 60's much of the year. While I'd like it to be 10 degrees warmer, I love not having to deal with snow anymore. I live less than a mile from the beach and I don't have to go far to see sea otters and sea lions in the wild, with occasional glimpses of whales and dolphins. If the water were 25-30 degrees warmer, it'd be perfect.

My work is going pretty well too. I'm a contractor now, which means I'm only hired for the duration of a contract, which at FNMOC, last no longer than a year. The contract I was hired for expired in April, but I was able to jump to a couple new contracts fairly seamlessly and will probably be doing a lot of contiguous 6-month contract jumps. It's not necessarily the most stable way to work, but I have good bosses and it's not as bad as it sounds. In fact, I enjoy what I do quite a bit. There are politics, which I hate, and a small number of people I don't see eye to eye with, but I have respect, friendships and lots of interesting work to keep myself busy. So, in short, I enjoy my current job a lot more than my last one.

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