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Un Cachito de la vida - A little piece of Cameron's life

Over the past couple of months, I've been contacted by a number of friends and associates who have been laid off in this miserable economy. Since Fusion-io was doing great, they hoped to join on there, and I hoped to help them

I've worked at Fusion-io since Dec. '07 and although I've never really felt comfortable there due to my job position, I figured that since the company was doing so well, I didn't need to worry. Then on Friday the 13th of this past week, I was accidentally sent an email with a list of people to be laid off. I was on the list and the email was asking for a confirmation if I was really to be laid off or not. It took me a minute to figure out what the email was saying because it seemed a little incredulous, but after that, I got pretty nervous. The email was later recalled, but the damage had been done. I paid a visit to the CTO of the company to talk a bit about my job and maybe changing positions or taking a pay cut and he was pleasant but couldn't guarantee anything, saying it wasn't in his hands.

Often, lay-offs in tech companies happen by noon and when lunch came and went, I thought that I had been spared at least for that day. I slowly started to calm down, though was still a bit nervous. I was pretty impressed with myself that I was actually able to do some work and commit some code. However, when 4:30 rolled around and an officer of the company came to my cube, I figured my time was up. Sure enough, although the CTO talked to the person responsible, that person decided my job position was unnecessary. I had a suprising outpouring of support from guys working there and that was cool to see. I was sad to leave Fusion-io due to it's potential to be astronomically successful, but I'm also looking forward to having some time to relax and hoping that I'll enjoy my next job a little more.

If you feel like worrying for me, don't. Well, at least not yet ;). I have some job possibilities and savings to sustain me. I just hope to find something I enjoy.
Posted by charr at 3:47 PM

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Sorry about the lay-off, but it's great to hear how well you're handling it. Here's to you finding a job you love.

Posted by dan at March 18, 2009 1:04 AM

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