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After rescuing my blog a little while back, following a lot of meticulous labor and custom scripts, I thought I was finally good to go. However, I've had the nagging problem of RSS feeds having wrong dates. I've looked at the problem for a while and couldn't figure out where the wrong dates were coming from. So, I went for a band-aid and upgraded my archaic Movable Type 2.66 to version 4.21. It has a significantly different interface and method of publishing.

So far my test comments to past entries after upgrading weren't showing up on the web pages (but were registered in MT), so I'll have some playing around to do.


I still have the RSS feed problem with wrong dates. I'm fairly sure now the problem is with the back-end database and since I don't know any good way to rebuild it, I will most likely need to blow all entries away and then re-import them, which is a fair amount of work. If anyone knows any way to help me or is a wiz with mysql and the MT db format, please advise :).

Update 2:

I was just notified that comments have not been working. I can't quite figure out MT's new method of doing things yet so for now, I'm allowing anonymous comments. Chances are that I'll have to disable those as the spammers find me, but for now. Feel free to post, and please let me know if you encounter problems. Thanks!

Posted by charr at 8:19 AM

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Well, I've rebuilt everything. Depending on the feed reader you use, you may see mixed results, but please let me know if you do have problems.

Posted by Cameron at November 7, 2008 2:33 PM

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