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Un Cachito

Un Cachito de la vida - A little piece of Cameron's life

Well, I'm mostly back.

A month or so ago, a co-administrator of the web server my blog is on decided to rebuild it (wipe all the software off and re-install). There was a valid need to update the OS, and he asked what I wanted backed up, and we backed those things up. What I didn't think about was the SQL database running on the box that held all my pictures and their data from my picture gallery, held all the info for a web-based gift registry my family uses extensively, and held all the info for my blogs.

It was a tough blow to have all that blown away. Fortunately, I was left with a bunch of static web pages and such for my blog, but a lot was lost.

However, in the past while, I wrote some python scripts to go through each static html file from my old blogs and assemble a file that can then be imported into a new Moveable Type Blog. It's taken a fair bit of effort, but it's mostly back. You'll see a few quirks here and there that need to get straightened out, and pics on the blog that link to my gallery are all messed up, but I'm a lot closer than where I was :).

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