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Un Cachito

Un Cachito de la vida - A little piece of Cameron's life

I realize this is a little random, but everyone is aware the gas prices are somewhat painful right now (although much worse in most of the rest of the world). I saw this chart on the NY Times today that I found very interesting. There are 3 tabs showing 1) how hard gas prices hit people, per county income; 2) gas prices around the country per county; and 3) median incomes around the country, per county. One interesting thing I realized too is that while Utah has a reputation for fairly low salaries relative to other places, it's still not doing too shabby.

Posted by charr at 9:07 AM

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That's pretty insightful. Doesn't quite give me the warm and fuzzies but it helps with the gloomy feelings a bit. :)

Posted by Jarom at June 9, 2008 4:14 PM

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