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Un Cachito de la vida - A little piece of Cameron's life

Those of you who have read my blog for a while have a general understanding that I travel a fair amount. This year, however, I haven't traveled as much, largely due to a change in positions and bosses at work; my new boss doesn't really want me traveling that much. That said, "not much" for me may still be "much" for someone else. At any rate, I didn't go anywhere from mid-August to mid-October of this year - probably the longest I've gone without travel in 2.5-3 yrs (I don't remember). When I finally left, I had what I thought was a planned and specific trip ahead of me. As usual, that got changed while I was out and I had to cancel/postpone some plans and work some pretty long hours (including the weekend). Of course, if you read my last post, that wasn't all bad :). Plus, the customer I was working with was great and worked hard right along with me and what I went out there for went smoothly. At the end of the week, I drove up to NYC to visit some friends and had an enjoyable and otherwise uneventful trip, if you ignore the evil tree. Yes - there was quite a wind storm going on over the weekend, and as my car was parked, some giant branches from a large, mostly dead tree came crashing down onto my rental car and the two cars next to me (for some reason all Ford Taurus models, hmm). I probably sustained $4k-$5k worth of damage, but still came out ahead of the other cars. Here are a few sorry pics I took with my phone: some of the broken branches that landed on the cars, and one of the neighboring cars (note the smashed windshield and large dents in the roof and hood):

Here's the evil tree:

Here's the ammo:

Here's the car that was next to me (Note the smashed windshield and large dents in the roof and hood):

Oh, and to keep things crazy, I got home late Sunday night and was supposed to leave this evening for a two week stint in California (<24 hr break!). However, late this afternoon, the trip got canceled. Then as I was typing this, I was told it might happen tomorrow. I guess when it rains it pours and I'll keep my bags packed.

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