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March 22, 2005

I don't see an end to this war and I don't have many solutions. I'm not talking about Iraq either. I'm talking about spam. Specifically, blog spam in comments and trackback pings. It seems to get worse and worse and I'm loathe (read lazy) to change my blog. However, I hit the break point in the past week and took some measures. You should now see a CAPTCHA when editing comments. This is courtesy of the SCode plugin via James Seng's site. I've also enabled a stricter blacklist to work with Jay Allens MT-Blacklist, and made some improvements on some regex expressions on the list.Short of disabling comments, I still don't have a failsafe way to block everything, especially trackback pings, but I feel like I've made an advancement in the battle and may continue to evolve.

Posted by charr at 2:06 PM
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