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January 20, 2005

Every American knows the country was highly polarized during the 2004 election campaign. Many citizens still feel polarized. Many Europeans didn't understand that American was split, but they did understand that they didn't like Bush and his policies; they were anti-Bush, rather than anti-America.This column in the NY Times brings up some interesting points. Now that Americans have re-elected Bush, do they (the Europeans) now become anti-America? Friedman refers to Europe as one gigantic "blue" state. He may have a point, but what I found more interesting is that the complimentary "red" state that he came up with is Iran. Despite all the enmity between the two countries that the media portrays, the youth of Iran like Bush and America and dislike their government -- basically they "'[love] anything their government hates,' such as Mr. Bush, 'and [hate] anything their government loves.'"

Posted by charr at 1:41 PM
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