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September 30, 2004

So there was sort of a debate tonight. I say "sort of" because the speakers weren't allowed to directly address each other. The document governing the debate was some 40 pages long. And the outcome?I thought Kerry was definitely the superior debater, which is no surprise, given his award-winning debate background. I felt Bush was constantly on the defensive though many of the questions were positioned to make him address his stance on Iraq and other policies. Kerry has the advantage of the spectator and attacker, but regardless, his performance was direct and convincing. I find it somewhat interesting that Kerry manages to come across decisive on perhaps the most important night. It can only help him and I'll be interested to see the polls in a few days. Preliminary CNN polls after the debate said some 79% thought Kerry had done better.To Bush's credit, he comes across as much more personable and approachable, as opposed to Kerry's eliteness, but again, we'll see how that comes out in the polls.Update: The above poll was 79% for Kerry when written, the number is constantly changing.

Posted by charr at 10:13 PM
Reader Comments

Heck, Bush was dang near miraculous compared to some of the speeches I've heard him make. He's not the debator that Kerry is; I don't think anyone expected him to be as good, though there might have been some wishful thinking in that regard. Still, Bush did a credible job. Not great, but it wasn't the worst I've heard him. All in all, he was a whole lot better than I thought he would be.

Posted by Jan at October 3, 2004 12:49 PM

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