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July 14, 2004

It doesn't take too deep an intellect to know from my columns that I support Bush over Kerry. At times, I've defended the morals that Bush emits. I think a president that has religious convictions has a stronger character and is more desirable to me.However, I think Bush has gone too far with his somewhat public appeal to churches to support his campaign. Among what the campaign has asked for is a copy of the churches' membership registries. On one hand, I can argue that this is merely a campaign and Bush has the right look for the most strategic advantages (as long as their legal), but on the other hand, I actually think it's a bit arrogant and stronghanded to try to take control of the religious congregations. Agreeing with a NY Times editorial (as opposed to an Op-Ed) is pretty rare for me, but I'd have to agree with this one.

Posted by charr at 10:04 AM
Reader Comments

It's a lousy tactic embraced by both big parties. The best mix of politics and religion was the church scene in the movie Bulworth (the only worthwhile scene in the movie). At least that character was honest about his thoughts in his speech to the congregation.

Posted by Renee at July 14, 2004 1:32 PM

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