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November 17, 2003

I happened across this article in the NY Times yesterday, remembering that Dan had had a recent struggle getting a decent internet connection. Low and behold, the main subject of the article was Sandy, Ut. -- where Dan's struggle occurred. I think things are getting better for a lot of people, but I can certainly empathize with those that can't get access. I've been without Internet at home now for nearly 5 months. I can't even get dial-up, but am fortunate enough to live 8 minutes from work.Update:
I also came across this other article in today's Times, which talks about Utah and high-speed internet access. Maybe the Salt Lake valley will be renamed Germanium Valley, complimenting Silicon Valley. I remember all the buzz in Provo a while back about fiber to the home, but it stalled. Now I know why. It'll be interesting to see if anything happens.

Posted by charr at 9:55 AM
Reader Comments

Just when I'm leaving Utah! Dang, well hopelfully I'll be back when it's ready.

Posted by David H. Sundwall at November 17, 2003 7:40 PM

You live 8 minutes from work? I would kill to live 8 minutes from work. I live 25 miles from work. In the afternoon that translates to about an hour commute. Do you know when you'll get internet access yet or are they still shuffling you around?

Posted by Jan at November 18, 2003 6:17 AM

I saw that article on slashdot and was curious but didn't have time to read it. I'm quite pleased with Comcast Broadband at the moment, but wouldn't complain about faster, cheaper internet access.On an unrelated note, shouldn't this sentence say teaches?"Mrs. Washburn, who teachers fourth grade"

Posted by dan at November 18, 2003 10:30 AM

Jan, I can sometimes make it in 7 minutes. If traffic is really bad, it can take 15. Until May, the commute was around 35-40 minutes. Then it dropped to 25-30 minutes when my work moved. Then I moved in June, and am quite close now. It's wonderful, because that's where I have to go to get on-line. We've been at an indefinite "4-6 weeks" since the original due date of early July passed. The latest that was told my brother was the end of November. My brother replied back, "so basically, it should be done by the end of February?" The other guy was like, "Oh sure, of course it'll be done by then." By our judgement, February is not a stretch.

Posted by Cameron at November 19, 2003 10:46 AM

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