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October 27, 2003

I read this article today in the NY Times and enjoyed it. It is actually supportive of Bush, and compares him to Reagan, who went through some strikingly similar economic challenges early in his tenure. People seem to be so impatient these days that they won't give anything a chance. For example, the economy seems to picking up, but Bush still gets hounded about his tax cuts not providing instant relief. In Iraq, there are problems (worst attacks yet last night), but things are getting better. The reconstruction of Europe and Japan, while successful, did not happen in a matter of months. I say give the guy some time.

Posted by charr at 1:21 PM
Reader Comments

Amen, brother. The world wasn't made with a broadband modem - we can't expect everything to happen in only a few seconds.

Posted by Heather at October 28, 2003 1:09 AM

NY Times? Did hell freeze over?

Posted by Renee at October 29, 2003 12:59 PM

Heh. I know exactly what you're talking about Renee. It turns out that a couple times a year, the Times has a non-left-wing editorial. In fact, one of the standard op-ed writers, David Brooks, is fairly moderate and I enjoy reading his articles. Thomas Friedman often has moderate articles as well.

Posted by Cameron at October 29, 2003 1:12 PM

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