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September 22, 2003

Mel's recent entry got me in the mood to talk about relationships, so I'll add a follow-up post on mine. The general consensus was to ask the girl (Katie) out again. Well, I sorta did. I asked her out to lunch on Saturday. Like the first time I asked her out, last December, she seemed very eager to go, and even volunteered to forego some schoolwork in order to meet up.I thought that's all good, and we had an enjoyable time together, where there was a lot of good conversation. When I gave her a hug goodbye, she said something like "this probably won't be the last time we see each other." She said it in a tone that seemed to imply "you don't need to give me a farewell hug, but it's ok." I could interpret her statement in a number of ways, but I'm hoping she wasn't meaning that we may see each other sometime (not necessarily in the near future) as friends. What do y'all think?

Posted by charr at 12:44 PM
Reader Comments

I think you are going to need to bring along a webcam on your next date so we can give you detailed, play-by-play analysis! Seriously, that would be cool.
I can only say that personally I don't like getting hugs. It reminds me of getting hugs from grandparents as a little kid - not that I didn't like them but that they always seemed kind of old and droolly.
Some people are not huggers. I think it's fine to end a daytime date by just saying goodbye, I'll give you a call.....

Posted by Ellen at September 22, 2003 3:15 PM

Interesting take. I figured most people like hugs. I like getting hugs from cute girls, and girls are always hugging each other, but maybe she wasn't up for that.As for the webcam, I think that's a super idea, but alas, I think social norms would prohibit such a thing :(. Just think. All my blog readers could get together for a big party and watch me suffer on the big screen. :)

Posted by Cameron at September 22, 2003 3:31 PM

Cameron, it's a toss up. She could just like you as a friend or she could like you like gooshy girl cooties like you.As for hugging, all my gay friends do it during daytime dates so why not you? ;)

Posted by Renee at September 22, 2003 5:14 PM

I'd be interested in getting a consensus on how many girls like daytime hugs. I hadn't really thought about it specifically, but sometimes daytime hugs seem a little awkward. Maybe it's 'cause they aren't kosher.

Posted by Cameron at September 22, 2003 5:40 PM

Daytime hugs are good for friends and family, not so much for guys I'm dating. They usually get a quick peck on the cheek at the end of a daytime date. But maybe that's just me. Of course, it's already been established that I'm a social moron, so take my opinion lightly on all topics associated with dating. ;)

Posted by Jan at September 23, 2003 6:11 AM

This girl is definitely crunching on you. She wanted more than a farewell hug. She wants a follow up phone call (for as long as you both shall live). Don't you think Mel is a lot better prospect than this chick that doesn't know how to come out and say exactly what she means. If you're a dog, Mel will tell you you're a dog. Good luck with the ladies.

Posted by peanut at September 23, 2003 9:57 PM

I should clarify. Peanut is my sister and she loves to find opportunities to embarrass her loved ones.Back to the topic at hand. I don't understand how people could feel funny about hugs. Two people holding each other tight... very nice.I don't know how to interpret what Katie said. I do suggest this: Ask her out again, and if that date goes well, ask her out again. Continue this cycle as long as you enjoy her company.

Posted by Mel at September 24, 2003 8:45 AM

In the insomniatic start to my sleep last night, I got a small epiphany, though it was somewhat of a restatement of what has been already said here. But it seemed really obvious last night.Basically, she said what she said because because she thought I was giving her a goodbye hug. This could come from the fact that she wasn't expecting a hug, but at any rate, I think she's at least neutral and can't/won't do anything until I make a real dating move. So I shall wait a week and then ask.Oh, and Mel, I already know you think I'm sexy, so I don't worry about being called a dog. ;)

Posted by Cameron at September 24, 2003 9:02 AM

I think that the tone in which she said that statement could mean a lot of things. Was it sarcastic?
Personally, the only time I don't hug a guy at the end of a date is if he freaks me out or I think he is going to try something unwanted.
Did she act like she didn't want to hug, or was she just kidding around with you?

Posted by carlene at September 24, 2003 9:40 AM

oh, and Cameron. Good luck.

Posted by carlene at September 24, 2003 10:05 AM

Carlene, thanks. She said it quite innocently, and while she never mentioned not wanting a hug, it's possible she was a teeny bit surprised that I was going to hug her. She may have interpreted it to be a "goodbye" hug and thus mentioned nicely that we'll probably see each other again.

Posted by Cameron at September 24, 2003 10:32 AM

Yes, To be or not to be ...

Posted by Mary at September 27, 2003 11:41 AM

I figured most people like hugs

Posted by Chris at March 1, 2004 2:42 AM

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