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March 6, 2003

Tonight, Pres. Bush held a formal press conference, mainly answering questions about Iraq. There were some pretty tough questions and I became quite interested in what Pres. Bush had to say.He mentioned over and over that Iraq is a threat to America, and that as President, he has taken an oath to protect this nation and the values it stands for. When asked about his mission, the president firmly and clearly explained that there absolutely must be a regime change, and that exile would be a viable solution for Saddam. President Bush said that war can be avoided if Iraq disarms, but I think he left that intentionally vague, and in my opinion, war is imminent.Another sticky issue that I found very interesting was on the passing of a new UN Security Council resolution, in order for international support and approval for a war in Iraq. Recent publications have stated that Bush very well may not get the 9 votes needed or that a country such as Russia or France might veto the resolution. They have said that there is a good chance Bush won't even call for a vote on the resolution if it doesn't seem likely to pass, in order to avoid humiliation. However, Bush gave a clever reply to a question on that exact issue -- of calling for a vote. First of all, he said that the resolution focused on whether or not Saddam has completely disarmed, as stated in resolution 1441 (which was passed unanimously in Nov. '02). No one can really argue that Saddam hasn't completely disarmed (even France admits this). As for whether or not he'd call for a vote, Bush said absolutely. He said it's time for the other members of the Council to "show their cards" and basically take responsibility for their approval of resolution 1441. I find this intelligent in that the pressure is placed on the other members, and in a way, taken off the U.S. It will be interesting to see what happens next, since war could happen within the next week (according to some).

Posted by charr at 10:13 PM
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