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March 20, 2003

So last night (or this morning if you're in Iraq), we attacked Iraq, about 90 minutes or so after Saddam's ultimatum had expired. Apparently, it was earlier than Bush had planned, but they received some intelligence that Saddam and other top leaders were meeting in a bunker, so they took the opportunity to hit it. The outcome appears unsuccessful, but it surely isn't for lack of firepower. They sent around 36 cruise missiles (from subs and destroyers in the Gulf), followed by 2 "bunker-buster" 1-ton bombs from a couple of F-117A's. Together, those make one heck of a boom. They say this isn't close to the air attack that is to come, so it may be interesting to see what happens. We've also managed, unsurprisingly, to have France, Russia, and Germany, along with some others really mad at us.

Posted by charr at 8:08 AM
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