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March 31, 2003

I was reading an article yesterday in Time magazine about how Blair (a liberal) and Bush (definitely not) are able to get along so well together. I agree that Blair adds some welcome refinement in diplomacy and foreign policy that often isn't visible in the Bush administration. However, what I found more interesting was a comment at the end of the article suggesting the possibility of a rearranging of European power:

The European anti-Saddam coalition — Britain, Spain, Italy and the Eastern bloc — could emerge as the dominant force in the European Union in the next decade, edging out the Franco-German axis, with Blair at its head.
While I think it's impossible to assume this would happen, I think it's an interesting prospect, especially if weapons of mass destruction (WMD's) are found in Iraq. The Eastern Bloc, which has steadfastly supported the U.S. against threats of future EU membership by France, could stand to benefit immensely. However, if no WMD's are found, then I think Blair could be in serious trouble and France will have fun thumbing their noses at war-mongering cowboys of the West.

Posted by charr at 8:32 AM
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