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February 7, 2003

Yesterday, Colin Powell spoke to the UN Security Council in order to get those countries involved (primarily the veto holders) to approve the U.S. going to war in Iraq. While there was still no "smoking gun" found, Powell produced quite a bit of incriminating evidence. Presented to the council were numerous recordings of intercepted radio & telephone transmissions between Iraqi soldiers in the process of moving contraband, perhaps mobile weapons labs, or weapons themselves. Powell also provided some minor evidence of Iraqi involvement in Al Qaeda. Unfortunately, many of the opposing countries such as Germany and France, remained unconvinced of the need to go to war. China and Russia also don't want a war. All four of the countries agreed to one last fall, but are all wimping out now. In my opinion, it is through apparently spineless actions such as these that terrorists and dictators remain in command.

Posted by charr at 1:26 AM
Reader Comments

I suggest Bush doesn't offend us so much. He ought to remember that is is living on credit supplied by the rest of the world - America's trade and investment deficits are reaching new heights every day. If Europeans (and others) do not buy US government bonds anymore, who will finance the imperial desires in Washington DC ? I deeply regret that your president and his cronies seek to alienate the rest of the world, blinded by their provincial (US southern) outlook on the world. Greed for oil is what is driving his muscle talk instead of a desire to understand others and a commitment to make this a better world.
And saying that we never support the US, well, we have not forgotten the middle finger Dubya held up when we asked him to ratify the Kyoto protocol - a thing very important to Europe.
We should remember that we share a common history and common values. Let's not call each other names and cooperate. Saddam is not worth it to cause a split between Europe and America.I fondly remember Bill Clinton. The only thing people then worried about was his escapades with an intern - great !Ewout
the Netherlands

Posted by Ewout at February 8, 2003 7:33 AM

Thank you for your opinions. I honestly love to hear what others think. On this subject, I would suggest our opinions are quite different. I would refute that Bush is alienating the rest of the world. His plans have been out in the open for quite a while, and he was even persuaded to go through the UN. I'm glad he did, in order to get support of the rest of the world. However, many of those same people who supported the U.S. then are now opposing military action. We have let diplomacy try to work for the past 11-12 years with Saddam and he continually laughs in the face of the civilized world. I believe it is time for military action. You, and much of the rest of the opponents of war claim that is greed for oil is driving the war. I also don't think that is a valid claim. Bush wants to strike down despots and terrorism, replacing them with democracy, something that will help the global economy, as well as those in developing countries. I think oil is merely an excuse for those who don't like the idea of war. I'm also not so foolish to think that war won't have some bad side effects, such as chaos afterwords, and possible arab uprisings. However, I think the benefits of removing Hussein outweigh the possible problems.While I don't agree with every decision Bush has made, I support what he's doing and am glad Clinton is finally out of the White House. But as you mentioned, I sincerely hope this war doesn't break friendly and economic ties between the U.S. and Europe.

Posted by Cameron at February 8, 2003 12:27 PM

I feel that Bush sucks an I can not wait for the up and coming elections to get his ass out and get some one in who will get our boys home.

Posted by Melody at May 6, 2004 6:27 AM

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